Shiny Powder

Shiny Powder (Body Powder)


Made in Japan

Natural diamond powder & Natural pearl powder

Natural diamond powder reflect the light and clear of your skin’s darkness and blemishes.

Natural pearl powder brings clearness and brighter complexion, and your skin glows softly as if the skin

produces luminescence by itself.The two jewel powder will leave your skin beautiful.

Natural diamond powder & Natural pearl powder combined with special lame,and they produce a synergistic effect and achieve brightness of extra quality.

special lame … it was refined plenty of time, therefore, it has resistance to skin oil and sweat,and brightness persists over a long time.

Puff - type / pocket-size (convenient to use)

Combined with natural diamond and pearl

Ingredients in cosmetics

Talc,Silica,Zinc Stearate,Nacre Powder,Diamond Powder,Butyl Paraben,Menthylparaben,Synthetic Fluorphlogo Pite,Titanium Dioxide,Tin Oxide

Shiny Powder